Belkin 55-Piece Repair Tool Kit/ F8E062


Belkin 55-Piece Repair Tool Kit

  • 55-piece computer technician tool kit ideal for electronic work
  • Includes a versatile range of tools for upgrading electronic devices
  • Tools are fully demagnetized to prevent damage
  • Compact carrying case keeps tools organized
  • Backed by Belkin Lifetime Warranty
  • 55-piece set of demagnetized tools for computer repair
  • Provides a custom-designed case
  • The perfect tools for do-it-yourself enthusiasts
  • Includes a comprehensive set of tools for repairing and upgrading electronic devices

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The 55-Piece Tool Kit from Belkin features our most popular tools for repairing or upgrading common electronic devices. All tools are fully demagnetized to protect your computer’s hard drive or magnetic media from damage and each tool is conveniently stored in a custom-designed case.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 3 in