BCOM Extended Warranty Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions Brief:

Education Chromebooks can be purchased from BCOM Computer with an optional extended warranty. Extended warranty coverage comes in 2-Year and 3-Year terms. BCOM’s warranty coverage adhere to the guidelines of the original manufacturer’s Limited Warranty Statement.



These terms and conditions apply to all components of the Chromebook: including the motherboard and sub/daughter-boards, memory, storage, display, keyboard, trackpad, ports, hinges, and the AC power adapter. These are all parts that are covered in cases of failure due to manufacturing defects during the coverage period.

Exclusions: Stylus, and digitizes pens are covered by a maximum one-year warranty from date of purchase, and are excluded from BCOM’s Extended Warranty coverage. Chromebook batteries can be optionally included in the Extended Warranty coverage period (2-Year or 3-Year) with an addon warranty at time of purchase.


  • Defects due to manufacturing as laid out by the original manufacturer’s Limited warranty under normal use conditions and reported to BCOM Computer within the warranty coverage period.
  • The warranty period for the unit starts on the original Date of Purchase on your invoice or Sales receipt.
  • The warranties provided by BCOM Computer apply only to units purchased for your own use, and not for resale.
  • Nothing in the Statement of Limited Warranty affects any statutory rights of consumers that cannot be waived or limited by contract.


  • The unit’s stylus/digitizer pens are limited to 12-months standard warranty coverage, and excluded from Extended Warranty coverage.
  • Any software programs, whether pre-loaded or shipped with the unit, or installed subsequently are not covered.
  • Failure resulting from misuse, accidents, modifications, unsuitable physical or operating environments, or improper maintenance
  • The warranty is voided by removal or alteration of identification labels on the unit or from its parts.
  • BCOM does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of the unit.
  • Neither BCOM, nor the original manufacturer may be held responsible for any confidential, proprietary, or personal information that may be on a machine that is submitted for a warranty claim. All such information should be removed prior to submitting a warranty claim.

ADDON Battery Protection Warranty

All Chromebooks purchased from BCOM come with a one year battery warranty unless the Battery Protection Warranty addon is purchased. Once paired with an Extended Warranty (2YR or 3YR), this addon extends the 1 year battery warranty to the same duration as the Extended Warranty. Battery Warranty may be purchased at the time of the hardware purchase or up until the end of the original battery warranty period (1 year) if the battery is in good working condition.

The Battery Protection Addon entitles the customer to one battery replacement in the event of a failure. A maximum of 1 replacement battery in a 24 month period.